FIRST RESPONDERS and VETERAN’S THANK YOU……………..Saying “thank you” matters!  Call me old fashioned, but I do not think that the current slang used in conversation in place of “thank you” is not as meaningful as the simple words, “thank you”.

A recent survey found that people are more likely to use the words “cheers” or “cool” than “thank you”.  And a significant amount of people will use words like “wicked” and “later” in place of “thank you”.  The survey related that 40 percent of respondents said that “thank you” was too formal.  And one in ten felt that the phrase was too old fashioned.

The purpose behind saying “thank you” is to express appreciation for a gift.  The gift could be a present.  It could be a kind word.  Or…… could be a service provided.

Come to Peace this weekend as we say “thank you” to our First Responders and Veterans.  We do this not because we’re formal or because it just seems like the cliché thing to say.  We say “thank you” because of the tremendous gift our First Responders and Veterans give us.

Think of these wonderful words:  liberty……peace………well-being ………… security ……… freedom……….. safety.  To make these words a reality in our lives, God has used First Responders and Veterans as His tools.   We owe them more than a passing thought, we can give them our gratitude as we say “thank you”.

POTLUCK SUNDAY…………..We need help this Sunday!  There will probably be some extra visitors from the Philomath Fire and Rescue and the Police Department.  The plan is to have a potluck and cake after service in the fellowship hall.  Be sure to come and bring a dish to share!

VETERAN’S……………….This Sunday we will also be honoring our Veteran’s.  In the bulletin we will be honoring those who have and are serving our country.  If you would like a name added or if you would like to update the information shared last year, please email Sandi or Pastor Lucke.

BAZAAR…………..Holiday baskets, baked goods, OSU items, homemade soups, homemade gifts, aprons, everyday items and much, much more!  Peace is hosting its Craft Bazaar this Saturday, November 8th from 9 am to 3 pm in the fellowship hall.  Bring friends and neighbors!