HONORING OUR PAST………..The Peace Lutheran Church website received a nice note yesterday that I wanted to pass along to you:
“Hello – From your website, it looks like Peace is doing well! It would make my dad very happy to know that. To anyone in the congregation who might want to know, my dad, Rev. Henry Fingerlin did his summer field work in Philomath. He was assigned the congregation by the seminary and was expected the first week to run the Vacation Bible School! For a young man, this was daunting but he had fond memories of that, of the Schlensker’s who hosted him and had a bing cherry tree–his favorite, and his baptism into the rigors of being a pastor. He passed away yesterday (Sept. 27) after 61 years in the ministry. His memorial will be Oct. 10 at Our Father Lutheran Church in Centennial, CO, with reception following at Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church, the mission he started in 1963. To God be the glory!”

I like this email and emails like it because they speak to the importance of making every moment matter.  It is probably difficult for many of us who were alive in the 1950’s and early 1960’s to remember what happened in one particular summer.  What this email teaches me is that there was someone who was impacted greatly by the ministry that took place here many years………and he remembered it!  If any of you know of Pastor Fingerlin or of the Schlensker family please let me know.  Thanks be to God for that brief summer in whatever year it was!

DELIVERANCE………..As you read for this Sunday (Chapter 4, pages 43-57), consider these questions:

  1. During the scene at the burning bush, Moses has trouble believing that God could use him.  Do you think his hesitancy came from his own insecurities or from his lacking of faith?  Are there areas in your life that you are feeling insecure?
  1. Only days after being being let free, the Israelites complain, saying that they want to go back.  Have you ever been tempted to return to a previous way of life, even though you knew it would be destructive?

We’ll start as usual at 9:45 with opening and then dig into Chapter 4. This covers Exodus 1 to Exodus 17 in case you were wondering.  Thanks for bringing so much to our discussions!

BLOOD DRIVE………….Philomath community’s blood drive hosted at Peace is Friday, October 16th from 1 to 6 pm.  We need 41 donors to sign.  We already have 27 people signed up and most are from the community–22!  The sign up sheet is on the table in the narthex of church.

MEN’S BREAKFAST…………Don’t forget to come to the men’s breakfast this Saturday, October 3 at 8:30 am.  We are going to be discussing the Pope’s recent visit to the United States.  Bring your appetite and email Oscar if you plan on attending!