RISK…………Some people call it “The Land Between”.  It’s when we are in that uncomfortable place between where we were and where God is calling us to go.  For the Israelites–it’s the land between Egypt and the promised land.  For us–it’s the land between our past and the new places God is wanting to take us.

No matter where we are, God is calling us to walk by faith.  While living in between, we are faced with two paths: Playing it safe and taking a risk.  This Sunday I am going to ask a different question:  What is the risk of not taking a risk?  When God asks us to dream big dreams and take risks, what is at stake if we choose to play it safe?

As you read the chapter on The Wanderings in The Story, notice that 10 of the 12 spies that entered the promised land chose to play it safe.  They wandered the rest of their life with no purpose, no idea where they wanted to go.

Two–Joshua and Caleb–were willing to take the risk.  They looked beyond the odds of success and placed their trust in God.  What a difference that made!

Lets talk a little more about risk this weekend at Peace.  Where is God calling you to go?  Brad is leading our study–we begin at 9:45 in the sanctuary.

 BLOOD DRIVE…………As I write this note to you, in one part of the building the Red Cross blood drive is taking place.  Every single one of our slots (41) were filled–praise the Lord!  Thank you to those who assisted and/or donated!

UNDER CONSTRUCTION………..Maybe you heard the noise coming from 2540 Applegate Street?  Yes, construction has begun on the patio at Peace.  Come and check the work that has been done so far–this will be a great addition to the church and community.  Thank you to all who have given of their time!