REFORMED OR REFORMING…………..There is a big difference.  A church that is reformed says that it has arrived.  It leans on its own heritage and its storied past.  It would be easy for any Lutheran Church to fall into the trap of believing that it is a “reformed” congregation.  The Lutheran Church comes from an outstanding heritage with legendary music and traditions.  A few years back I remember hearing that Martin Luther is third most written about person in human history.

But…….when a church acts “reformed” it is stuck in the past.

A “reforming” church is one that constantly renews itself in God’s Word.  It does this so that it can stay fresh and more effectively communicate God’s Word to every tribe, every language and every people.

When a church is “reforming” it lives in the present and is poised for the future.  Its people are ready to learn, grow and live by God’s Word.

I believe Peace is a reforming church.  I am so thankful for the renewal God brings to us AND the way that we renew each other!

WORK PARTY THIS SATURDAY……….We are looking for some volunteers to help with yard work at a member’s house.  Plan on meeting at Peace this Saturday, October 25th at 9 am.  The work should not take any longer than two hours with a crew of 5 or 6 people.  Contact me if you can assist!  This is not simply work, but service to one of our own.

KEN HIMES COMING……………..Ken Himes will be coming to Peace this Sunday to share briefly about the ministries of Friends of the Family Ministries in Corvallis.  It is FOF’s goal to bring healthy relationships and homes.  Check out their website at

PHILOMATH OPEN STUDIOS TOUR…………If you are into art be sure to check out the 12th annual Philomath Open Studios this weekend and the next (Oct. 25-26 and Nov. 1-2) from noon until 5 pm.  This year’s event is featuring 36 artists including some of our own Peace members.  Locations of the studios can be found on this website: