REBUILDING YOUR LIFE…………“When is God going to put my life back together?”  Those words are spoken when a wife loses a husband.  They are said when some unforeseen tragedy happens in our life.  These words comes to us when we are just not feeling like our normal selves.

There are two things I would like to share with you today.  First, when God rebuilds our life, THE NEW LIFE OFTEN LOOKS VERY DIFFERENT THAN THE ONE WE HAD BEFORE.  This may sound very unsettling because our expectations are often that life should look just like it once did.  The truth is life can never be the same as it was before when we experience loss.

A second point, I pray, will be helpful to you, though.  Even though life looks different, THE NEW LIFE OFTEN PRESENTS OPPORTUNITIES THAT ARE BETTER THAN WHAT WE HAD BEFORE.  God is good to us.  And……His plan is to bring us through trial so that we’re stronger and more prepared for the future.

This weekend we are taking a look at Joshua and the Battle of Jericho.  We are going to encounter Rahab and the significant loss she experienced.  Her entire town was destroyed and life was forever changed.  There was no way the walls of Jericho would be put back together in the same way.  But, through the battle, God gave Rahab a new life.  She is listed as one who lived “by faith” in Hebrews.  And she is named as an ancestor to Jesus in Matthew 1:5.

Life was shattered and changed–life became better and blessed.  It is the story of Rahab.  And often our story.  How is God at work rebuilding your life?  I know that God is at work in each one of us.  God’s ultimate goal is to bring a hope and future no matter what losses we face.

FEED MY STARVING CHILDREN………….This Sunday we are also starting our journey to support Feed My Starving Children.  Joyce Maier will be sharing after service what FMSC is all about and how we can support.  In preparation, check out FMSC’s website at

ALL SAINT’S SUNDAY…………If there is someone that you would like remembered with the ringing of the bell at Peace for All Saint’s Sunday (Nov. 1st), please let me know as we are making preparations.  This will include those who we have lost this year or someone from year’s before that you would like remembered.  Our list to date:  Edward Young, Garth Skaar, Fred Pfarrer, Alvanita Stouder, Randy Patterson, James Patterson, Ivan Hagen, Cliff Leach, and Thomas Heresco.