500 YEARS………….If you had to sum up what Martin Luther taught and accomplished in just 30 seconds what would you say?

I’ve actually thought about that question because I often only have 30 seconds to explain Luther to people who ask.  My answer is that Martin Luther moved the Christian Church to show Jesus more front and center.  I feel pretty confident in that answer.

As we have studied this fall, the Church during Luther’s day had a hard time clearly explaining Jesus.  The Church was busy doing other things like fighting wars, building large cathedrals, selling indulgences, collecting monies and selling propaganda.  Jesus became an afterthought.

Luther’s work can be literally boiled down to three solas:  sola scriptura (by God’s Word alone), sola fide (by faith alone) and sola gratia (by grace alone).  The three solas have Jesus at their center.  Luther did well in guiding the church back to its original source and message.

You have two awesome opportunities to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.  You can come to Peace for our 11 am service on Sunday.  You can come to Zion Lutheran in Corvallis for the circuit celebratory worship at 3 pm.  Or……..you could come to both!  If you do go to Zion bring a side dish or dessert to share for the potluck afterward.

ALL SAINTS’ SUNDAY………….Our worship the following Sunday, November 5, will also be special as we recognize those dear family and friends who died in the faith in the last year.  In the worship service we will be ringing the bell and having a moment of silence for each name on our list.  If you would like to add a name to the list, please let Callie know by November 1.  We are open to remembering loved ones who died over a year ago if you would like them included.  The saints that we have on our list from this last year are:

John Crawford

Arnold Hahn

Maxine Hahn

Tenille Holroyd

Sabine Miner

Nancy Raleigh

Gordon Ross

Warren Sahnow

LaVerne Sandrock

Joyce Settles

Aaron Stoll

Thomas Tucker

Joe E. Worth