ALL SAINTS’ DAY………..You are not alone!

Have you ever said this phrase, “I am the only one left!”  The prophet Elijah certainly did.  In fact he said this phrase three times in his life.  Facing strong resistance in King Ahab and Queen Jezebel, Elijah would often whimper to God that he was the only one left.  This feeling of loneliness ultimately led Elijah to ask God that he might die (I Kings 19).

Loneliness is a significant cause for the dissatisfaction that many experience in life.  It can lead to greater isolation and depression.  Even in the today’s age of social media, loneliness remains a pressing matter.  Research suggests that the average person has LESS very close friends now than the average person before the advent of social media.

Elijah actually wasn’t alone.  God explained to Elijah that there were still 7,000 people who were ready and willing to stand with him.  Elijah couldn’t see them, but they were there.  And when God gave Elijah this news, it breathed life into him.

Even though you may feel alone, you are not.  We say each Sunday at Peace: “I believe in the communion of the saints!”  Say it boldly next time because it is the statement that God has knit you together with people of faith that have come before you and those who are to come in the future.  You have forever friends.

You are never alone.  God is with you through His Son Jesus.  And God has placed you in His kingdom–a place flowing with numerous people just like yourself.

This Sunday we are going to recognize some of those saints who have gone before us.  Let us know in the office if you would like a loved one or friend added to our list.  The names will be read at church and the bell rung in their honor.

Terry Bannon

Jerry Corderman

Mark Ferral

Julie Gonzales

Frank Gurgurich

Morna Gurgurich

Ivan Hagen

Cliff Leach

Harry Lukens

Helen Lukens

James Patterson

Randy Patterson

Fred Pfarrer

Helen Reininger

Garth Skaar

Alvanita Stouder

Connie Weaver

FEED MY STARVING CHILDREN………..Thank you to Joyce Maier for sharing about Feed My Starving Children last weekend.  We now have boxes available so that you can collect extra coins.  Come see Pastor if you are interested.

PHOTO DIRECTORY………….The new photo directories are now available in the narthex area of the church.  Thank you Ellen and Carole for your hard work!

HEALING SERVICE…………..This Sunday is the first in the month.  Come for prayer and the anointing of oil at 9 am in the sanctuary.  The elders and pastor will be ready to uplift your requests.

DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME ENDS……...It officially ends early Sunday morning.  Make sure to turn your clocks back an hour when you go to bed Saturday night.