UNENDING LOVE…………The love we show others usually has an end.  Have you ever said to yourself, “I can’t love this person anymore!?!”

Our Kaia loves her sister, Claire.  As Claire begins to stand and do other new things, Claire has no bigger cheerleader than Kaia.  But…………there is a point at which Kaia’s adoration for Claire ends.  It happens when a toy is taken.  Kaia with a frown on her face screams, “It’s mine, Claire!”  The end point happens when Claire interrupts Kaia is trying to say something.  Kaia with equal determination speaks even louder.  I am no different than Kaia.  I find that when others fail to meet my expectations, when they hurt me and annoy me, my love for them too often reaches an end point.

This Sunday we are going to be reminded of God’s love, a kind of love that knows no end.  God is described this way in Exodus 34:6, “God is compassionate and gracious.  Slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness, maintaining love to thousands.”  Those aren’t just words.  They are descriptive of God’s actual way He relates to us.  There is no line that God draws in which His love ends.  There are no conditions He places on this love.  There are no limits.  I am so thankful for love that knows no limits!

PASTOR RUMMERFIELD’S FUNERAL……….I am back in the office after a week in Seaside at the District Conference.  But………I will be away after 10:00 am at Pastor Edwin Rummerfield’s funeral at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Lebanon.  Keep his wife, Carol, in your prayers.

BIG THANK YOU………….Yesterday Peace hosted Love Inc.’s mobile Dental Clinic.  It sounded like it was a very positive experience for those who participated.  Thank you to the team that helped make this possible:  Jean, Sally, Carole, Ellen, Joe, Jan, Joyce.  Be sure to ask them how their hosting went!

LILLY’S WALK………………….Mark your calendars for Saturday, October 11th at 10 am.  During this time a walk will take place at Philomath High School to raise awareness about mental health.  Professional mental health workers will be present.  Information about mental health will be distributed as well as depression screenings.  The walk is in honor of a Philomath High School student who passed away last year.  See Pastor Lucke if you would like more details.

DUANE’S BAPTISM…………..All are invited after worship and fellowship this Sunday to participate in Duane’s baptism in the Willamette River.  Don’t worry……….you do not have to enter the water!  But……….your participation in song and hearing Duane’s testimony is greatly welcomed.  Details about location will be shared at church Sunday.