FOLLOW THROUGH……….I am thankful today for God’s pledge to follow through.  So many times I’ve noticed that friends and people in general lack in the ability to follow through on a promise.  A big promise is made, but actions fail to follow.  A commitment is put in ink, but for whatever reason the commitment isn’t kept.  In a frenetic and fast paced world, promises are quickly given, but so rarely kept.  It can be frustrating.

God follows through.  This Sunday another one of God’s promises will be shared at Peace.  It goes like this, “(I) will swallow up death forever (Isaiah 25:8).”  A very timely passage for the Lucke family.  As we travel to Michigan for Alicia’s grandmother’s funeral we are going to think about that promise from God.  But more important than thinking…………….we are going to celebrate the truth that God will follow through on that pledge.  So thankful for having 100% follow through with our God.

Do know too how thankful I am for Peace’s practice of following through for each other.  When one person is down, many others step up and encourage.  When one person faces challenges, we stick together even more so.  Thank you for shining your lights.

SCHULZE BIBLE STUDY………The Schulze Bible Study is being rescheduled.  We will not be meeting this Thursday, October 9 as the official church calendar reads.  Instead, we will be meeting Thursday, October 23 at 7:00 pm at the Schulze’s.

LILLY’S LOPE……………..This Saturday, October 11th is Lilly’s Lope for Hope.  The run (5k) and walk (1k) begins at 10 am in the City Park (23rd Street).  The purpose of the event is to help further suicide education in our schools.  Check out this website if you would like more information:

TOOLS FOR TWO…………A one day workshop for couples who are married, engaged, or seriously dating is being offered at Crowfoot Baptist Church in Lebanon.  The event is this Saturday, October 11th from 9 am to 4 pm at Crowfoot Baptist Church.  For more information, check out this website:

CHURCH THIS WEEKEND………Brad H.  will be leading the Adult Sunday School hour at Peace.  The study will be based on a relevant topic in the news.  Pastor Max Metcalf will be leading worship and sharing a message.  A special thank you to Pastor Max and Brad and all the others for stepping up and filling in!  If you have a pastoral emergency while I am away, please contact one of our elders.