BUILDING A NATION…………….As you read Chapter 2 this week of The Story, I would like you to consider a very important thought:  Following God in our life will take us in a different direction than what we have planned.

That is the way it was with Abram.  Abram was 75 years old the first time that God calls him. God asks Abram to leave his present home and go to an unknown place that God would show him.  Remember, there was no internet or technology for Abram to access as he prepared his journey.  Abram goes.

What happens next is even more unbelievable and unplanned.  God promises to Abram that an heir would come from Abram’s lineage–this promise is given to Abram and Sarai well after their “child-bearing” years.  Think of it this way, Abram and Sarai would be raising a teenager as they themselves would be over 100 years old!  It happens.

The application of Abram’s life is straightforward.  When we follow God’s prompting, life takes us in paths we would have never predicted or planned.

As you prepare for worship this Sunday at Peace read chapter 2 (pages 13 to 27) of The Story and do consider these questions for your life and walk with God:

  1. God asked Abram to sacrifice his only son, Isaac.  God did this to test Abram’s faith and to point to the future sacrifice of God’s only son, Jesus.  I there an area of your life that God is calling you to sacrifice for Him?
  1. Abram becomes impatient and wants to take things into his own hands.  Despite good intentions, this caused several challenges for Abram and his family.  When have you tried to take matters into your own hands, or force God into action?  What were the results?

Come for discussion led by Brad Hellesto (at 9:45 on Sunday) and then worship at 11 this Sunday!

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