SALVATION…………I would like to share with you a devotion that I came across this week.  I thought it explained Christian salvation very well.  I hope your week is inspired by this thought.  We will continue discussion about Christian salvation in our adult Sunday School as we cover chapter 3 of Believe–make sure you are ready for that discussion!

“Vincent Ardolino watched the Twin Towers explode from his little tugboat in New York Harbor on 9/11.  Mintues later, as the towers fell, people swarmed the pier, desperate to vacate the island.  Roads, subways, trains, bridges–everything was shut down.  The only escape from Manhatten Island?  The water.  Many of them leaped in, fearing for their lives.

Vincent urgently turned the prow of his boat toward the island as his wife exclaimed, “What if there’s another attack?!”  His response was, “If I only rescue one person, that’s one less person who will suffer and die.”

On 9/11 500,000 civilians were rescued in less than 9 hours through the grace gift of these captains.  Each person jumping into a boat accepted the gracious gift of a rescue, putting their faith in the boat and in its captain.

Jesus offers you the only boat leaving the island of death.  You need only jump in with faith and trust him, the captain!

OCTOBER NEWSLETTERS.……….will be ready and placed into your box on Sunday.  October 1st is Camp Lutherwood’s Harvest Festival.  The event goes from 3 pm to 7 pm.  Talk to Pastor if you would like to attend.

PASTOR AT CONFERENCE…………Pastor will be away at the Oregon Fall Pastor’s Conference in Cannon Beach from Tuesday, September 27th to Thursday, the 29th.  If you are in need of pastoral assistance, please contact Peace’s deacon, Larry Oliver and/or one of our elders:  Elaine, Bob, and Oscar.

ANNEXATION DISCUSSION…………This past Tuesday, the developer of the Chapel Drive annexation (the land south of Peace) presented at the Rotary meeting.  This next Tuesday (September 27th), the Rotary is presenting the opposing view to the Chapel Drive Annexation.  The presentation will be led by Terri Weiss, a member of the community and the group, Grow Philomath Sensibly.  All are invited to attend.  Please let pastor know if you would like to attend the meeting as we will need to place our food order.