OUTDOOR WORSHIP………..It is appears that Sunday will be a pleasant day to have outdoor worship on the patio!  Worship begins at 11.

Our musicians and choir are prepared.  We will also have one our youth share about their spiritually uplifting time serving at camp this summer.  And we will be sharing in song, a children’s message and the reading of God’s Word.  I am so thankful for the contributions of so many!

As you prepare for worship, I would like for you to be thinking about the topic of character.  How important is a person’s character?  Ever known someone who had pristine appearance and manners in public, but their private life displayed something else?

I heard someone say recently, “Our character is who we are when nobody else is watching.”  There seems to be quite a bit of truth here.  May our character be so influenced by Jesus that we bear his fruit both in the private and public parts of our lives.

GORDON ROSS MEMORIAL SERVICE…………will be on Saturday, September 23 at 2 pm at Peace.  Remember Gordon’s two daughters, Carol and Marilyn, in your prayers as they mourn his passing.

PURSUING PEACE.…………..Do you experience strained or broken relationships in your marriage, family, work, school, church or community?  Do you wonder why these strained relationships continue to occur?  Most importantly, do you want to learn a way to address these relationships so you can reconcile the relationship?  The Philomath Pastor’s Association is sponsoring a live seminar at Peace on Saturday, October 28 from 9 to 3 pm.  The cost is $25 and includes lunch.  Scholarships are available–come and see Pastor.  There are limited spots for this event, please register as soon as you can at www.fofm.org/PPT.


The family of Gordon Ross as they mourn his passing.

Jim and Dona …………Jim has been transferred to the Corvallis Manor after a two week stay in the hospital.

Prayer of thanks for Lindy’s new grandchild!  Lindy’s daughter, Sharonne, gave birth to a healthy baby boy yesterday.  Name will be shared soon!

Monique…….desires prayer for health concerns.

An unnamed family in distress.

An unnamed young man trying to find his way in life.

An unnamed middle aged man struggling with addiction.