LOVING CHILDREN.………..Peace Lutheran Church loves children!  That is a big deal.  And it is not just a thought, we have put that into action in our ministries.  We dedicate time in our worship  to the connecting with our children in a children’s message.  We enjoy the coos and movements of babies even when it happens at the most inopportune moments.  Our Sunday School Superintendents and teachers dedicate themselves to teaching lessons and building relationships with each child.  As children were precious to Jesus, so they are to us.

It is very important that we continue to love and show our support of children as the world so often fails to do so.  Each day we hear stories about how children are mistreated.  It was last week that we heard the news that one of our NFL “stars”, Adrian Peterson, was charged with child abuse.  Peterson detailed how he treated his son as nothing more than a “whupping”.  Apparently, the whupping was so severe that the boy had cuts and bruises on several area of his body.  Now more than ever children are being neglected, exploited and abused.

The best way we can show our love for children is to connect them with God’s word.  This Sunday we are going to do just that.  In our 11:00 worship service the elders of Peace will be distributing Bibles to each child and youth that would like one.  Be sure to be here as we continue to live out the motto:  Peace Lutheran Church loves children!

PHILOMATH FOOD BANK AND JUNE’S KIDS KLOSET..…………..I heard great reports about Philomath Community Services, which encompasses the Philomath Food Bank and June’s Kids Kloset.  Needs are great, but the Lord is blessing these ministries with good growth–Praise to the Lord!  At the Philomath Pastor’s Association meeting, a charge was given for our the churches of Philomath to keep up the good work.  Bins are located in the narthex for both the Food Bank and for June’s Kids Kloset.  We are blessed to be a blessing.  If you would like to get involved with PCS, the Philomath Food Bank, or JKK, please see Pastor Lucke.