FOCUS…………….Where should our focus be?

I came across this helpful thought this morning:  Don’t focus on what others are doing wrong, but do focus on what you can do right to help.

This little saying fits the life of Joseph.  Yes, he could have easily kept track of the mistakes and the wrongs that others did to him.  Joseph was the one who was sold into slavery by his brothers–what a bunch of jerks.  Joseph was the one who was falsely accused by Potiphar’s wife–what a slimy person she turned out to be!  Time and time again the people in Joseph’s life brought disappointment.

Yet, the story of Joseph is much bigger and more powerful than the mistakes of the people in his life.  Joseph showed great character and responsibility as he spent his time in prison.  Joseph stuck to trusting God and working the best that he could for others.  He prepared for the great famine so that he could help and take care of others.  It paid off.  At a time when the entire world was suffering, Joseph was the one that the people turned to for help.

Your community, and likely your own  family, needs you to be a catalyst not for pointing out what is wrong, but for being a positive presence as they work toward solutions.  Much easier said than done, but it is a worthwhile goal!

As you read Chapter 3 of The Story (pages 29 to 42), consider this question: Joseph was betrayed by his brothers, his boss’ wife and his fellow prisoners.  Instead of becoming bitter, he trusted God.  How can you avoid becoming bitter when you are betrayed?  What helps you trust God when you are feeling betrayed.

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