EXHALE…………..Not much excitement happens when I exhale.  The same is probably true for you as well.  I think the most exciting thing we can do when we exhale is to make fog.  On a cold day it can be entertaining to exhale and watch our breath sail into the sky.  But for the most part, our exhaling does very little.

When God exhales big things happen.  The first time that we see God exhaling occurs in Genesis when He breathes life into the nostrils of Adam.  In the New Testament too God breathes–it is found in 2 Timothy.  Instead of fog, in 2 Timothy it says that God’s breath becomes words.  Those words bring life to all who study and put them into practice.  The Scriptures clearly describe that when God exhales–life comes!

Next time you see your breath, remember God exhaled and created life giving words to live by–the Bible.

This Sunday we are going to discuss one of the basic building blocks of Christianity–the Bible–in our adult study.  Class starts at 9:45.  Please read chapter 4 of the book Believe as your preparation for discussion.

PORTALS OF PRAYER.……..We have daily devotions available for October through December at Peace.  These devotions are free and located on the table in the narthex.

HEALING SERVICE………..All of us need healing.  There are hurts that are seen and unseen that we each carry.  Have you considered Peace’s healing service?  It will be this Sunday at 9 am in the sanctuary.  This is a healing service that includes the anointing of oil, prayer, and Scripture reading.  Come and meet the Pastor and elders for this special time.