Have you ever thought about serving at Peace to make the worship service run more smoothly? Not sure where to start or whom to talk to? This insert describes the serving roles at Peace.

Usher/Greeter: Hand out bulletins and greet people when they come in the front door (this is a great way to meet people and learn their names). On Communion Sundays, the ushers will guide people up to the rail to partake in communion. Time commitment: Arrive 30 minutes before service to welcome people as they arrive.

Reader: Read the Old Testament and / or the Epistle Reading during the service. Daniel Dusek can send you an advance copy of the readings. Pastor can help you with name pronunciations. A large print copy of the reading is provided at the podium at the front of the church. Time commitment: The time to practice the readings in advance at your convenience.

Communion: Set up the table near the double doors into the sanctuary. Place the communion cups on the trays and then place the trays on the table so the Pastor can consecrate the bread & wine. Prepare the glasses for wine and the bread and place on the altar before worship service. Following the worship service, return all the communion articles to the preparation area and take down the table in the sanctuary. Janette P. will train you on exactly how to do this. Time commitment: Arrive about 60 minutes before worship service and stay about 20 minutes afterwards to clean up.

Flowers: Either purchase or cut some fresh flowers for the altar of the church. Vases are available in the cabinet in the storage room off the fellowship hall. Daniel or Carole G. can show you where they are. Flowers can be dropped off either Saturday before service or Sunday morning about 60 minutes before the worship service. Time commitment: The time to obtain and drop off the flowers.

Fellowship: Set up the food and drinks for fellowship. Leave the worship service about 10 minutes before the end (usually while the offering is being collected). Make fresh coffee and put out water and juice on the bar between the fellowship hall and kitchen.  Put out the prepackaged snacks that are provided (i.e. Hostess cakes, chips, etc.). You are more than welcome to buy or make some treats of your own. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive. After fellowship, clean up the kitchen, put treats, run the dishwasher, turn off the coffee maker, and take out the trash.  Time commitment: about an hour in length after the service.