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New Church Directory

by Peace

The new church directory is now online….

You can login by going to ‘’ and click on the button labeled “Member Sign In”. From there, click on “First time signing in? Create Login”. After that, you will enter your email address that you use for church correspondence. If you are unsure which email address to use, please check with Daniel.… Read More

December 2023 Newsletter

by Peace

From the Pastor

Dear Peace family,

Nobody likes the feeling of decreasing or being replaced!

Have you ever wondered how John the Baptist’s disciples felt went Jesus came along? We don’t have to wonder too much, John’s gospel hints that they had misgivings. John was their “guy.” Jesus was beginning to experience some great success as “everyone” (see John 1:26) was going to him to be baptized.… Read More

November 2023 Newsletter

by Peace

From the Pastor

Dear friends,

“So faith comes from hearing and hearing through the Word of Christ (Romans 10:17).”

There have been several misinterpretations of the Bible. Consider the way Moses was portrayed in the Bible. Moses was often painted coming down from Mount Sinai with horns on the top of his head.… Read More