2019 National Youth Gathering

The following is the addible presentation that Janice and Gorge Abele led for the congregation. This was presented on September 1 at Peace Lutheran Church in Philomath. The following is a short article about the event:

“They fundraised, they filled out the forms and they got on the plane.  The four youth and two chaperones from Peace went to Minneapolis, Minnesota to experience and take part in the incredible National Youth Gathering.  An LCMS event geared toward keeping our youth connected to God and faith in Him.

Through this experience the group not only got to see how alive God is in the lives of thousands of people, but they also got to serve the community they were worshiping in.  Showing God’s love to a part of the community that may not have experienced it at any other time.

Ryan Guenther, Grant Hellesto, Ingrid Hellesto, & Nicholas Abele, along with George and Janice Abele served, on July 12 at “Hospitality House” a facility in the poorest and one of the more dangerous areas of town.  Janice reported back saying, “We found out that one of the kids (at Hospitality House) lost his father to gun violence last night.”

Because of the work and love Hospitality House shows in the community the gangs in the area largely leave them alone.  Making the house a place where children can learn and grow in a safe environment.

Of course, it wasn’t all work and no play.  The gathering also involves worship events and they were Massive.  When you put thousands of young Lutherans together to lift up their voices in praise you get an experience that cannot be described in words.  This is one event you have to see to believe. “


The following is their presentation:


Interdiction by Pastor Lucke

Janice Abele opening

Text from Video

Janice Abele’s overview of events

The Kids reflections of their experiences

Hospitality House Mission

Evening sessions and rap-up