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Conflict Resolution:  Case # 5: Forgiveness

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The Case Study

Amber, Nicole, and Kaitlyn shared everything. They played together on the college volleyball team. Between classes and practice, they always could be found together. The girls loved skiing in the winter and running in the warmer months. After college, each found employment in the same city where they attended church together. Nicole married first, then Amber. Kaitlyn remained single. But their friendship continued to flourish.

That is, until one day…

Amber and Kaitlyn exchanged some texts where Kaitlyn complained about Nicole. Kaitlyn thought that Nicole was acting arrogant because she married first, and Kaitlyn felt like Nicole was putting her down for not having a boyfriend. Amber defended Nicole and wrote some curt responses to Kaitlyn, who wrote back with hurtful words. Amber forwarded the whole exchange to Nicole. Nicole and Amber exchanged a flurry of texts in which they grumbled about all of Kaitlyn’s idiosyncrasies and how she must be jealous of them. It didn’t take long before Kaitlyn learned about the other two “ganging up” on her. She responded with angry texts to both of these friends. Before long, they were posting negative things about each other on Facebook and “unfriending” each other.

Once inseparable, Amber and Nicole now avoided Kaitlyn. It wasn’t difficult to steer clear of one another, except at church. So they separately concluded that the best way to not see one another was to stop going to worship.

These questions can apply to the above case study or to a current conflict from your personal life. For the case study, assume any of the three women’s roles. For a conflict from your life, apply these questions to yourself, writing out your answers.

  1. What has caused the hurt in your relationship:

• For you personally?                                                                     • For someone else you care about?      • For the person who hurt you and others you care about?

       2. How has your relationship with the other person changed?

       3. What grieves you the most about what has happened?

       4. What is keeping you from forgiving the other person?

       5. How has your strained or broken relationship affected:

• Your attitude toward the other person? • Your attitude toward yourself? • Your attitude toward others? • Your relationship with God?

6. What are some of the consequences of your unforgiveness?

7. You know that our heavenly Father commands that we forgive others as He forgives us. List at least ten sins from your life that God has forgiven through Christ.

• Does God offer forgiveness to you for your bitterness and unforgiveness? • Reviewing this lesson, what Scripture passages give you comfort and assurance of God’s forgiveness for all your sins?

8. For which sins of people did Christ not die?

9. Write a prayer to God. You might include:

• Confessing your sins of unforgiveness, bitterness, grudges, hatred, or anger that you may have in your heart. • Thanking Him for the forgiveness of all your sins. • Seeking His help to forgive as He has forgiven you. • Asking God to bless the person who has wronged you. • Praying that God reconciles your relationship with the other person.