From the Pastor

Dear Peace family,

We had a great experience at Camp Lutherwood this summer! I’d like to personally thank the Ladies Guild for their scholarship opportunity. We took them up on their offer and attended Family Camp at Camp Lutherwood from July 21 to July 23. It was a blessing and I’d encourage everyone to give it a try or give your child/grandchild the opportunity to go to camp.

Reflecting on my time at camp, I’d like to share one thing that I learned. I learned that I need to be more coachable. This lesson was learned at the new archery range at Camp Lutherwood. As soon as we got to the range, I began to picture what it would be like to pick up the bow, place the arrow, aim, and fire the arrow away to the bullseye. I’d seen it done a thousand times before in the movies! I was confident that the process was straightforward and that I could figure it out intuitively. I didn’t need any advice. 

I needed to be coached. I needed to be corrected. I really needed to listen. Before being coached, I tried taking on the role of coach as I told the kids how to do it. Thankfully no one was injured, and the arrows went reasonably close to the target. We would have done better, however, if I had better listened to the coach. Can you relate to our archery experience?

Being a child has its advantages. One of those advantages is that a child is open to learning. Children must master hundreds of skills, take in gobs of information, and develop language abilities so that they can communicate. Unfortunately, we can get to an age in which we feel that we no longer need coaching. Why would we think such a thing? It’s probably because we think that we’ve done it a thousand times before. “No need to learn a new way!” we say to ourselves. It’s also because we think that if we are coached, we are admitting that we were wrong and/or in need of help.

The book of Proverbs has some great insight on the importance of staying coachable. Here are some passages:

  • He who heeds discipline shows the way to life, but whoever ignores correction leads others astray. Proverbs 10:17
  • A mocker resents correction; he will not consult the wise. Proverbs 15:12
  • Whoever gives heed to instruction prospers. Proverbs 16:20

Perpetual learning is something that our church family values. I see it happening in many ways. Bible Study is a time in which ideas are shared and considered. Participants in the Dementia Warriors and the Rotary Club glean insight from the presenters that visit. Fellowship time at church is a moment to learn something new from another person. Prayer groups open themselves up to God’s plans and what He might be presently doing. We can learn something new every time we engage with our church family.

By the way, the importance of being a perpetual learner is captured in our city’s name—Philomath. Philomath comes from two Greek words. Philo means “love” or “curious”. Math is the word for “learner” or “disciple”. You could say that a true Philomathian is one who has a curiosity to learn.

In Jesus’ Joy,

Pastor Lucke

Peace by the Numbers

Plan for Worship

August 6 – 10:00am – Worship Service with Communion.  Tenth Sunday after Pentecost.

August 13 – 10:00am – Worship Service. Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost.

August 20 – 10:00am – Worship Service with Communion. Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost.

August 27 – 10:00am – Worship Service outside ON THE PATIO. Thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost.

Summer Bible Study

Summer provides time to consider the teachings of Jesus. Jesus taught in an intentional way to develop people. One of the common teaching methods He used was the parable. Some of our favorite Bible stories are parables. All are welcome to discover and discuss Jesus’ unique teachings in the parables. We begin at 9 am and will meet in the fellowship hall each Sunday morning. Here is the plan:

Updating Pictures of the Congregation

We need your picture! Peace is updating its directory and the hallway pictures in the month of August. Consider staying a little while after service to get your picture taken. Be looking for Trudy Ewing or Carole Gutbrod in the church narthex. Getting your picture taken and then displayed truly helps our membership know each other better.

Peace’s Evening at the Knight’s Game

Aspire Dessert Reception

Child Evangelism Fellowship of Benton and Linn County invite you and a guest to a Dessert Reception. Our guest speaker is former Indianapolis Colt and Tampa Bay Buccaneer linebacker, Steve Grant. Sports World sends out former pro athletes like Steve into schools to share their life experiences with students, helping them to recognize the consequences of their choices while challenging them with The Message of Hope. 

Join us to learn more about Aspire and how you can be a part of this outreach to our schools.

August 1, 2023

6:30 pm to 8:00 pm

First Baptist Church

125 NW 10th St

Corvallis, OR

For more information, contact Judy David @ [email protected] or Derek Dix [email protected]

The Ladies Guild Holiday Bazaar Update

Sports Physicals for Students

Mark Your Calendar for the Fall Picnic

The fall picnic and BBQ will be held on September 10 right after worship service. It should be lots of fun for everyone. Invite your friends and neighbors. More information will be provided in the September newsletter.

Camp Lutherwood Harvest Homecoming

Go, fight, win during Harvest Homecoming. This new fundraising event invites camp’s biggest cheerleaders and most distinguished alumni to ensure the future of their summertime alma mater. Participate in the online auction, starting Sept. 22, or purchase tickets and plan to attend the big pep rally in-person beginning 2:30 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 1. Attendees can expect top-notch dinner service, live music, games, auction items, and plenty of chances to support the essential work of camp. Every year, Camp Lutherwood Oregon becomes a home away from home for hundreds of kids, young adults, and families — providing intentional experiences for all people to play, learn, and grow in the outdoors. Raise your paddle and your pom-poms this fall! 

There is Still Time to Listen to Music in the Park

Music in the Park is a FREE concert series held at City Park, 299 S 23rd Street. Concerts take place on the 3rd Thursdays and last Sundays of each month from 6pm – 8pm. This concert series is fun for the whole family! Bring a chair and relax on the lawn while enjoying a variety of music.

  • July 30 – DRTR – Blues Americana
  • August 17 – The Easy Targets – 60’s Rock/Country
  • August 27 – Tin Can Alley – Swing/Jazz

For more information contact, Chelsea Starner, Assistant City Manager, 541-929-6148

[email protected]

Food Preservation Workshop

Thank You Notes…