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Dear Peace family,

In a few short months four youth and two adult chaperones from Peace will be flying to Minneapolis, Minnesota to attend the National Youth Gathering.  Those attending the gathering include Nicholas Abele, Ryan Guenther, Grant Hellesto and Ingrid Hellesto, with George and Janice Abele serving as the chaperones.

The purpose of the National Youth Gathering is a worthy one.  The gathering seeks “to proclaim the Lordship of Jesus and God’s saving grace to His people through Christ.”  It also seeks to assist the youth “in growing their personal relationship with Jesus Christ.”  This gathering goes a long way in affirming the youth and equipping them for a life long relationship with Jesus.

I can personally attest to this!  The year 2001 was a fairly remarkable one in my life.  Toward the end of the year in November, I made the decision to go to seminary and become a pastor—that was a big deal!  Two months before that on September 11 the country was attacked—I can remember right where I was as I’m sure you can too!  Before both of those events that year, something greater happened in July.  I chaperoned two youth from my home congregation for the LCMS National Youth Gathering in New Orleans.  I think I got about 5 hours of sleep the entire week.  But boy, was it worth it and what an impact it made in my life.   It was the catalyst (along with the Holy Spirit, of course) to nudge me into a closer relationship with Jesus and ultimately, in deciding to become a pastor.  One of the two boys that I chaperoned has also become a pastor and is currently serving in Oregon.  The other boy is now an active member of his church and is promoting the National Youth Gathering for the next generation at the church he attends.

What can you do to help these youth in the days leading up to the gathering?

  1. Pray.  It sounds so simple and cliché.  Prayer, however, is the most             important thing we can do as our youth and chaperones prepare for           this experience.  Pray for the details to be covered.  Pray for the Holy    Spirit to draw our youth closer to God through His Son, Jesus.
  2. Contribute.  The youth will be hosting a fellowship meal after         church on February 10.  This is a donation opportunity.  And by the     way, thank you already for the pie orders.  The youth are very close             to making their goal of selling 50 pies.
  3. Be informed.  Check out the website for the gathering at  The gathering itself on July 11-15 will be live streamed from a link at the website.  Check in with the youth about their experience.

I am confident that the Lord is going to do some powerful work in the lives of these youth and for that matter, many of the Peace family as we support this worthy cause.

Peace in Christ,

Pastor J

Men’s Breakfast

February Breakfast – Changed!   Men of Peace please note the February Men’s breakfast will held at Immanuel Lutheran in Albany on February 2nd. As some of you may recall, last October several Pastors and men met at Tommy’s Restaurant in Corvallis for breakfast. At that breakfast it was decided to meet as a larger group on a quarterly basis.  Pastor Larry Oliver agreed to have his men prepare a breakfast at their church in February 2019. Time will be February 2nd, at 9:00 AM in the fellowship hall of Immanuel. Address for Immanuel – 154 Madison SE , Albany.  Do plan to attend.  Questions call Oscar Gutbrod.




Peace by the Numbers

Prayer Warriors

Please consider becoming a prayer warrior.  Every Wednesday a list of those needing prayer is sent to each prayer warrior.  They pray for these people.  We know our prayers have been answered.  We try to acknowledge with thanksgiving to our Lord and Savior all answered prayers.  If you would like to be a prayer warrior, please contact Peggy Krueger at [email protected] or 541-602-1890 or just tell her.

Peddling for Pies

Peace Lutheran Church is sending four youth to the National Youth Gathering (NYG) in Minneapolis, Minnesota this summer!  The purpose of the NYG is to grow the youth’s personal relationship with God and grow their fellowship with one another.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  George and Jan Abele have agreed to chaperone our youth.  Those attending are Nicholas Abele, Ryan Guenther, Ingrid Hellesto and Grant Hellesto

You can help them as they fundraise for the trip.  This month the youth are Peddling for Pies.  These pies are the best!  Just ask anyone who sampled them at the Ladies Guild Bazaar in November.  How can you get one?  Fill out your order form (on the table in the Narthex) give it and $25 per pie to one of the youths—Nicholas, Ryan, Ingrid or Grant.  Oh…….and be sure to thank Mervin Munster for his baking skills!  Also, Mervin can make SUGAR FREE pies as well.  Please indicate if you would like SUGAR FREE by placing SUGAR FREE by your order.

Ladies Guild

Do you want to be involved with the ministry of Peace?  The Ladies Guild is the perfect place for you.  The Guild is for all women who love God and want to be involved in spreading the gospel by being involved in the various activities of Peace.  Guild plans many events and activities, such as, memorial services, weddings, showers for babies, brides, etc.  plus events that the Pastor would like .  Guild also supports many community groups with monies earned from our annual bazaar.  We are here to help anyone in need through prayer and monetary support.  We are involved with community organizations, such as June’s Kids Kloset, where volunteers help sort and prepare kids’ clothing for distribution to Benton County families and youth activities such as Camp Lutherwood scholarships.

We meet once a month on the first Thursday of the month at 1:00 pm in the fellowship hall at Peace.  Currently we have 31 members and are always hoping to grow our membership.  There are no dues, however, we do collect money for Lutheran World Ministry at each meeting.   Guild is an active arm of the Missouri Synod Lutheran World Ministry League or LWML. We support LWML with mites and other activities that support local projects and needs.

You do not have to sign up for anything to belong to Guild. Just come to the monthly meetings to keep informed of projects we are working on or are going to be working on.  You can volunteer for whatever you feel you want to be involved with.  Guild is for support and fellowship of all women of Peace and their friends.   If you have any questions, please contact any Guild officer, Peggy Krueger, Ellen Holroyd, Lindy Young or Sandy Kloster.    We welcome you with open arms and loving

Fellowship & Food!!

Fellowship…that time after worship where we get to gather as friends and visit and unwind before the start of a busy week.  Fellowship…coffee, tea, cookies, sandwiches, veggies, cheese or something special.  What is Fellowship to you?

Over the past several months there has been a noticeable decline in the treats that we share during this time as a church family.  There is a general feeling of unease when it comes to the food provided…that perhaps one is bringing the wrong thing.  WELL, let me put your mind at ease!  Fellowship at Peace Lutheran Church is simply a “bring-what-you-like” time, if you like it then chances are there are others who will too.  The only time there is a change is the FIRST Sunday of the month when we enjoy a Potluck Lunch.

So, chips and crackers, a tower of cheese, dip, yogurt, fruit and veggies, nuts, brownies, sandwiches, casseroles or soups!  You bring it and the folks who are volunteering for fellowship will get that out for everyone to enjoy.   Just let us know if it needs to be refrigerated or heated up.

And remember FIRST Sunday of each month (excluding summer) is a Potluck lunch!

Pastor’s New Office

As Pastor goes on Paternity leave, February 24, we will begin demolition of his office.  Providing him with a much needed update along with a more welcoming feel.  We have folks signed up for Demolition but we are still looking for a couple of awesome people to do the demolition clean up: Dusting, washing walls, vacuuming the floor and making sure the area is ready for the new items to go in.  Then if there is a couple of friends who could patch and paint the walls and the new trim…that would be awesome.  The goal is that the room will be empty, and demolition done the evening of Sunday, February 24 and the clean up can start Monday, February 25 in the morning with the patchwork following that evening.  Then painting will commence starting the morning of February 26.

If you would like to help but feel you are not able to give the time or do not have the physical capability to help you are still needed.  Can you provide snacks and drinks for those who are doing the heavy lifting?  The fact that you are nourishing others is a huge support.

Talk to Callie or Brian Santora if you have any questions or would like to sign up.  541-220-8425 (text or call).