Pastor’s Notes

Peace family,

Summer slows us down and gives us a little more time to reflect on life.  I am personally very thankful for a little more time to read and enjoy family—I hope this summer is giving you the rest and enjoyment you were desiring.

This month I want to share a resource that will give you better awareness about how you are drawn to God.  The resource comes from Gary Thomas and his book Sacred Pathways.  Thomas says that people in general are drawn to God in eight different ways.

Naturalists leave the formal the formal architecture of typical churches and seek God outdoors in the creation He built.

Sensates use their senses to comprehend God’s magnificence.  Music and the arts often make an impact on sensates.

Traditionalists enjoy structure and have a desire for ritual.  Rituals, symbols and sacraments are used to draw in traditionalists.

Ascetics love God in solitude and simplicity.  A silent retreat or time away from others to pray is helpful.

Activists enjoy seeking justice.  Worship is most meaningful when evil is confronted and sinners are called to repentance.

Caregivers have their faith built up by serving and interacting with other people.  Caregivers are completely comfortable in a helping a friend through crisis.

Enthusiasts aren’t satisfied with mere concepts about God.  They like to experience God’s love, celebrate it and then share about it.

Contemplatives like to think about the attributes of God and be overwhelmed by His grace and goodness.

Which of these eight best defines you?  Let me know what you think.

Peace Lutheran Church is made up of members that fall into each of the eight categories.  This little assessment assists us in better relating to others in the Peace family.  What moves one person in their faith journey may not move another.

The good news is that our God wants to be made known.  This is why He sent His Son, Jesus, into the world.  God’s love, mercy and grace are communicated clearly through Him.

I have great admiration for each of you and pray that God’s presence through Jesus is made more real to you in the ministries at Peace.

In Christ,

Pastor J


Peace by the Numbers

DATE              ATTENDANCE       

May 6                    120

May 13                   131

May 20                   115

May 27                   107

June 3                   129

Connections Corner

with Joyce Long

Greetings Peace Family and happy Summer! I hope you are enjoying the warm weather we are finally having. I met a friend for lunch and she was sharing about how she missed the connections with people. I have also noticed that and have been going out of the house a lot just to be with people. I am sure this will pass as I have more arranged things to go and do. I think as we get older the things we do outside the house are more important. I heard a speaker one time talking about the main thing that helps us the live longer, healthier lives is our social interactions. I think those social connections are what helps us to remain engaged with life. Let’s make the connections we experience be a blessing to us and to others.

…to be continued…Blessings Peace Family

Getting on the Calendar

Hi Folks!  As we enter the summer months there are many of you who would like to use the church as a place to gather with family and friends, perhaps celebrate and play.  It is important that you VERBALLY reach out and let the office know you would like to reserve the fellowship hall or patio, because many of the events are being put on our digital calendar first then being transferred to the handwritten calendar in the office.  So to avoid disappointment or double bookings…please talk to Callie via text or phone 541-220-8425 or email the office directly at [email protected].  Let’s have a great summer!!!

Gathering the Kids!

Our kids are doing an amazing job of staying connected so far this summer.  They are teaming up to redo the old kitchen, making it their youth room.  They would definitely like to hang out this summer and we would love to see more kids in attendance.  Do you have school aged kids who like movies?  Well, the next opportunity to hang out will be July 13th.  There will be more information to come but please let Joyce Long, Pastor Lucke, or Callie know if you would like to receive the information for your kiddos.  Parents are encouraged to come too…as we all could use a visit once in a while!

Disaster Preparedness

Contributed by Arlene Janssens

It won’t happen here: a flood in the town; a shooter at a school; a person dies due to extreme weather; a house burns down; a church is damaged because of a water leak; the water supply is contaminated; evacuations are ordered due to a wild fire; and the list goes on.

We never think these things will happen to us or our community.  The truth is that all of these things have happened in our communities or close communities.

What is the church’s action during these circumstances?  Come, learn, and share how we, as Christ’s people, can show mercy in action.

On July 29th, let’s look at the following questions;

  • What is a disaster?
  • What disasters/emergencies could occur in our community?
  • Why should the church respond to disasters?
  • How can the church respond?
  • How can we minister to our church members and the Comminity during/following a disaster?
  • What the first steps in disaster preparedness?

Deaconess Arlene Janssens

Disaster Preparedness and Response Facilitator

Oregon Conference