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Dear Peace family,

Have we forgotten the past?

Sometimes it is helpful, even necessary, to forget the past.  Perhaps you can recall a moment in your youth when you were embarrassed.  The captain on the team did not select you.  Something that you believed wholeheartedly was made to be a joke by everyone else.  You put your clothes on inside out and everyone saw it (yes, it has happened to me!).  Rather than recall these painful moments, we often have trained ourselves to act as if they never happened.

Consider the time of the enslavement of God’s people in Egypt.  What a painful and embarrassing moment in time this was for them!  They were put to work in nearly impossible conditions to build the kingdom of Egypt.  Food was scarce and times were hard.  Exodus 2 gives the indication that God’s people were even physically beaten.  It couldn’t have gotten any bleaker.

Yet God’s people did not choose to forget this painful and embarrassing moment.  They would remember all the hardship.  To help them remember, God’s people commemorated a special meal, the Seder Meal, to recall the past and the bitterness of their time in Egypt.  The Seder Meal, however, also powerfully reminded God’s people of how God delivered them.

Peace will be taking part in a Seder Meal this Maundy Thursday, March 29 during Holy Week in the Fellowship Hall at 6:00 pm.  You are invited to attend.  Of course, this will be much more than merely a meal to eat.  It will be a time of prayer and remembrance of how God once delivered His people from their embarrassment and darkness.  The Seder Meal will also help us to see the foreshadowing of God’s plan of redemption of all mankind from sin through Jesus, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world.

If you are planning to attend, please RSVP to Callie by Thursday, March 15 so that we can best prepare for seating and food.

What’s the point here?  Why celebrate the Passover and Easter—historic events that took place so long ago?

Here’s why:  God will deliver you too!  God brought light into the darkest of times for His people and then brought light into the dark place of the tomb for His Son Jesus.  In the same way, God will deliver you in your most embarrassing and darkest of moments—even when death comes to you.

It is very important to remember the past!  Our God has been our help.  Our God will be our help in the future also.

In Jesus’ name,

Pastor J

Bible Readings Series B

Mar. 4 – 3rd S. in Lent

  • Exodus 20:1-17
  • Psalm 19
  • 1 Corinthians 1:18-31
  • John 2:13-22 (23-25)

Mar. 11 – 4th S. in Lent

  • Numbers 21:4-9
  • Psalm 107:1-9
  • Ephesians 2:1-10
  • John 3: 14-21

Mar. 18 – 5th S. in Lent

  • Jeremiah 31:31-34
  • Psalm 119:9-10
  • Hebrews 5:1-10
  • Mark 10:(32-34)35-45

Mar. 25 – Palm Sunday

  • Zechariah 9:9-12
  • Psalm 118:19-29 or 31:9-16
  • Philippians 2:5-11
  • Mark 14:1-15:47 ~or ~ John 12:20-43

Mar. 29 – Holy (Maundy) Thurs.

Mar. 30 – Good Friday

Peace by the Numbers


January 14                             98

January 21                             110

January 28                             122

February 4                             127

February 11                           122

Summer on the Patio!

We are in need of a team to plan for summer activities on the patio.  Stargazing with s’mores?  The fire going while a music group plays jazz?  A movie night under the stars?  We have been blessed with a very special space at the church and the possibilities of connecting with one another and the community are endless.  If you would like to be on the team to begin to brainstorm, plan and implement summer activities, please contact Pastor Lucke.  Summer is not that far off!

NL 2

Connections Corner

with Joyce Long

Hello Peace Family –

March has come marching along. Celebrate Spring!  This is a time when nature shows us a lot of renewal. We are in the season of Lent and it is a time of being grateful and thoughtful of what this season means to us. It is the time of the year when we can contemplate the tremendous sacrifice that Jesus made for us. And why did he do it?  Because God wanted us to be close to Him and this sacrifice is what we needed to make that connection to Him.  I look at this as a good time to reflect on my relationship with God and the amazing thing He has done to make us new. Take a look at 2 Corinthians 2:17-20. We are made new and through Christ’s sacrifice we can be reconciled to Him. We are charged with being an ambassador to the world to show others the path of reconciliation with God.

Lord, in this season of renewal, grant us your grace to make a deeper connection with You and then to carry the good news to others around us so that they can also connect with God..

…to be continued…Blessings Peace Family


March 2018

NL 3

We want to keep you apprise of our giving back to the community with the monies from the bazaar.  Thank you for helping to make this service happen.  Everyone’s hard work and support is greatly appreciated.  We are “serving the Lord with gladness.”

            Allocations from Bazaar Monies:

  1. Philomath Community Services: $1000.00
  2. Camp Lutherwood: $500.00
  3. CEF: $100.00
  4. PYAC (Philomath Youth Activities Club): $200.00
  5. Compassion Ministries: $200.00

Pieces by Peace ** New Group **

“Ladies at Peace just wanna have fun!” We will be meeing once a month on the second Monday, 10:00 -2:00 pm, for a “work” day.   We envision working on different projects, all to bNL 4enefit our community or for the Bazaar.   Please bring an iron or sewing machine if you can.   Don’t be shy, if you don’t feel like your sewing skills are up to snuff; you can iron or cut out patterns. The next meeting is scheduled for March 12.  We will be making table runners or bring whatever you want to work on.  Bring a lunch if you want.  Need more information?  See Kay Glathar or Peggy Krueger.   Come and fellowship with others, as you make Pieces by Peace.

Our first meeting was Monday, February 12.   Ten ladies came to cut, iron or sew Kleenex holders.  We had a wonderful time fellowshipping and working on this project.

We need someone who can cut us some simple birdhouses.  We will put them together and paint them.  If you can help us, please contact Peggy Krueger.

Update on Mite Box Donations

March is Mite Box collection month!!  The second Sunday of this month is when we will collect Mites to support Lutheran Women Missionary League’s outreach program.

Mite Box Allocation

Current Missionary Need

LCMS International Mission

2017–2019 Mission Grant 5 — $100,000

Children Need Jesus in Mongolia! In many countries, where Lutheranism didn’t exist a generation ago, parents want to teach their children about Jesus. The major obstacle is that NO Lutheran children’s books are available in their language. With your help, the Lutheran Heritage Foundation is changing this!

Lutheran churches, missionaries, and new Christian families around the world will be provided with Bible story books, translated into their languages that teach children about Jesus. These brightly illustrated books, such as A Child’s Garden of Bible Stories and Bible Stories in Pictures, are given free of charge to the parents and missionaries who need them. This grant would provide for a variety of necessary missionary resources such as orientation and training, language training, transportation to and in the country of service and on furlough, various types of insurance, housing, medical care, utilities, and education of missionary children, to name a few.

Omelet Dinner

Every First Friday of the month, 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM at the College Methodist Church is the best kept secret in Philomath, an Omelet NL 5dinner made to your liking. Come and join many other Peace members as they enjoy an omelet dinner with special scones.  Cost starts at $7.  If you don’t like omelets…stay for their scones and gravy!

Men’s Breakfast

By Oscar Gutbrod

Saturday March 3rd is once again time for the First Saturday Peace Men’s Breakfast. Topic this month is “Evil” – where did it come from, maybe – the devil? As always coffee on at 8:00, NL 6breakfast served at 8:30 and discussion 9 – 10. Do plan to attend. As the official egg counter please let me know whether you can or cannot make the breakfast. Do come for the discussion time if you cannot make breakfast. Always looking for willing cooks, Chuck Lane has the sausage covered, however there is always bacon and scrambled eggs to help with. Questions call Oscar Gutbrod –


Narthex Library

Have you noticed the new addition to the narthex?  It is still a work in progress, but our mini-library is really shaping up.  This is NOT a place to bring books you no longer want, but a place to take note of new literature that come through the door of the church.

IF you have an idea or would like to add something to the library please talk with Janet Skaar.  She has taken this project in hand and is doing a wonderful job.


Keeping it clean

We are going to need everyone’s participation is helping us to keep our church clean.  As we empty out the various rooms and organize the necessities we are asking that the areas we empty, remain empty.  We have experienced an issue with individuals dropping off or simply placing items on an empty surface instead of putting it away.  This will no longer be acceptable practice.  Please ask for help right away if you need assistance putting something in the attic…or if you think something would be a nice addition to our necessities.

Holy Week & Easter Information

The Lent season is upon us and there is many things to plan for in order to make this season a meaningful and beautiful experience for everyone.  Please consider helping to make this a wonderful season!

  • Church Cleanup Day!! This important day comes the Saturday before Palm Sunday, March 17.  We will be cleaning the church inside and out.  There will be a list of jobs that need to be done and you can choose where you would like to work and what you would like to do.  Many hands make light work.
  • Palm Sunday is March 25. It is the first day of Holy Week.  Everyone will receive a palm so they can place it in a vase at the front of the church during the first hymn.  This tradition commemorates the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem in the days before his suffering and death on the cross.
  • Maundy Thursday, will be celebrated with a Seder Meal on March 29 at 6:00 PM. This traditional Passover meal is a lesson in history as described in Exodus.  Come and enjoy the meal!
  • Good Friday service is another opportunity to observe and be involved in Christ’s suffering.  We will celebrate on March 30 with a 7:00 PM service.  This is a somber occasion but one not to miss.
  • HE HAS RISEN!! Easter Service is April 1 with service beginning at 10:00 AM.  Followed by Easter (finger food) Potluck.
  • Every year a wooden cross is placed at the entrance to the church and it is decorated with cut flowers. We request people bring cut flowers to help decorate the cross prior to Easter Sunday.  Be looking in your yard and think about contributing flowers.
  • The altar and the area in front of the altar are also decorated with Easter Lilies ONLY. If you have an Easter Lily, please bring it to help fill the front of the church with spring beauty.
  • Plastic eggs will be available for people to take home and fill with goodies for the Easter egg hunt. Candy, stickers, money, anything fun that can fit in an egg.
  • If you would like to contribute to the Potluck on Easter Sunday, please bring finger foods only as most folks have meal plans with their family and friends. We want to make it an EASY clean-up that day.


NL 7

Every Child Oregon

In Oregon in 2016 there were 11,238 children in foster care for at least 1 day.  66.1% were in more than 1 foster care home.  On average 7,600 children in Oregon are in foster care on any given day.  Every Child Oregon is a program that works with Department of Human Services to provide much needed supplies to support these children.

Love Inc, is collecting Welcome Boxes and Launch boxes for foster children in our local area.

  • WELCOME BOXES are for children coming into care so that they are comforted and distracted while DHS finds placement.
  • Every year nearly 1,000 youth in Oregon age out of the foster care system. LAUNCH BOXES provide basic necessities that will help these youth transition to independent living.

Please bring all items and boxes in by March 11th!!  Let Ellen know if you would like a box.

Just a Reminder!

Due to the increased use of our Fellowship Hall & Old Kitchen,

please be sure to check with the office


if you need to use the Fellowship Hall or Old Kitchen for an event or meeting.

We will coordinate the best we can.


*****************************************************************NL 8NL Cal