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Dear friends,

Today’s church can best be compared to an airport.  Why do I say that?

  1. An airport is a place that you refuel.  When I think of the many airports that I have visited, I initially think about the restaurant offerings.  The Portland airport, for example, has a Mo’s Chowder restaurant conveniently placed by one of the main terminals.  As I’m checking my luggage, I’m also checking the time to see if I have enough time to grab something at Mo’s.  It just wouldn’t be good to jump on the plane without refueling.

Church is a place you can refuel.  I recently met someone who described their routine of coming to church as the time of week that they were able to “catch their breath.”  It made complete sense to me when she said it.  You should feel rested and at ease when you come to church.  The world gives us the idea that we have deadlines, commitments, responsibilities and tasks.  Church gives a different message.  God serves us through His Son, Jesus.  We refuel when Jesus says, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest (Matthew 11:28).”  Come to church especially when you feel empty, God’s promise is to fill you up.

  1. An airport is not a destination. I don’t want to be in an airport any longer than what is needed!  On a few occasions, I have received the news that my flight has been delayed resulting in more waiting time.  Never have I said, “Awesome!  I get to sleep in the terminal benches!”  Not once have I shared, “Hooray! Now I can finish my crossword puzzle.”  I’ve always been bummed when delayed in airports.  There is a clear reason.  The airport is simply a connecting point to my destination.  Sometimes that destination has been a loved one.  Sometimes the destination has been a special place.  The airport has never been the destination.

Church is not the destination.   We end each service at Peace with a reminder about this point.  The pastor says, “Go in peace, serve the Lord!”  The congregation responds, “Thanks be to God!”  How strange it would be if the pastor said, “Please stay put—we’d like you to stay longer.”  That is not how it works.  Church is at its best when it equips us to be our best for the destinations God has planned for us.  God sends us to destinations like homes, schools and work places.  It is in these places that we are the salt and light that God intends us to be.

Around the time that you receive this newsletter, Peace will be finding out about the Vicar that will be assigned to us from Concordia Seminary, St. Louis.  The Vicar (and wife) will likely arrive around August 1st and stay with us until the vicarage ends on July 31st , 2020.  Once the vicarage ends, he will return to St. Louis for one more year of training before receiving his first call to serve a congregation.

As you consider this news, I’d like for you to remember my airport-church analogy.  I think it also explains well the role of a Vicar.  The Vicar will join us to be refueled and will undoubtedly refuel us with his work in the Lord’s name.  The Vicar will then be sent away back to school—Peace Lutheran Church is not his primary destination.

I believe this process to be a very helpful and Spirit filled opportunity both for the Vicar and for Peace Lutheran Church.  Please let me know if you have questions, concerns or a need to clarify.

It is a joy to serve for and with you.

In Peace,

Pastor J

Peace by the Numbers

NO Men’s Breakfast this month!!

There will be No Peace Men’s breakfast on May 4th. In May there will once again be a gathering of Christian men from the Churches in the local Lutheran Circuit. Last one was in Albany.  This month we have been invited to Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Lebanon on May 18th.  Details: time, address, etc., will be sent out later. Do plan to attend the May Breakfast as we support those Christian Friends at Bethlehem. Perhaps car pooling could be organized?  Pastor Mike Miller will be the host Pastor.   Questions call Oscar Gutbrod 541-231-3054

Mental Health First Aid Classes

May 2, 2019, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm – Adult-focused Mental Health First Aid.

May 23, 2019, 8:00 am -5:00 pm – Veteran-focused Mental Health First Aid.


Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center

3600 NW Samaritan Drive, Corvallis

To register for Corvallis classes, call 541-768-6811 or visit

Men’s Bible Study

All men are welcome to attend the Romans study on the second and fourth Wednesdays each month from 2:00 pm to 3:15 pm in the Fellowship Hall.  This month we will be meeting on Wednesday, May 8 (Romans 4:1-25) and Wednesday, May 22 (Romans 5:1-11).

This series is an in-depth Bible Study.  The goal is that through a regular program of in-depth personal and group study of Scripture, more and more Christian men may grow in their personal faith in Jesus, enjoy fellowship and reach out in love and service as a response.

Please see Pastor Lucke if you are interested and/or if you would like the materials.

 UPDATE Camp Lutherwood

As many of us have been informed, Camp Lutherwood lost their main lodge to a fire in the early morning hours of April 12.  The Camp is attempting to maintain their momentum forward as they try to make all plans for the summer season work.  As of right now they have a large tent with kitchen equipment to keep the meals coming for those who come for work day and for any camps that are on the horizon.

Currently, the camp staff are assisting in demolishing what remains of the structure including the beloved fireplace.  Luckily, some of the stones from the fireplace were salvaged and will be incorporated into the new structure.

Looking forward to reconstruction is going to take time and money but thanks to the generosity of one donor, starting on April 16 and extending to May 16 every gift made to Lutherwood will be match up to $100,000!  What a blessing!  You can make a donation now at

If you happen any photos or memories of the lodge and wish to share those with us, please email them to [email protected].




“… to love another person is to see the face of God.”

—  Victor Hugo, Les Miserables


God is love.  Through the years, our faces change and the love for your spouse changes and reshapes.    Marriage Encounter is designed to help couples appreciate more deeply what they already have and to prepare for the changes that are an inevitable part of life.  That is why it has something to offer for every married couple, whether recently married or married for many years.  Marriage Encounter is a private couple experience; it is a weekend of discovery and you apply what you learn just with each other.

Give each other the gift of undivided time by attending a Marriage Encounter weekend.  Please apply to attend before May 15 – call us after that date

For more information or to schedule yourselves for a weekend together, visit the Lutheran Marriage Encounter web site or contact

Carl & Dallas Anne Presley
206-522-6849, [email protected]

Lutheran Marriage Encounter
May 31-June 2 — Renton, WA


St. Peters the Fisherman Lutheran Church, Lincoln City

Join with other middle schoolers from around our area for a night of competition, snacks, skits, and worship!

Date: May 31st 7pm- June 1st 7pm

Cost: $20 per attendee

Contact:  Pastor David LaFore

Cell: 253-394-3722

E-Mail: [email protected]

Please Register by May 20th!