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Pastor’s Notes

October 2018

Peace family,

Music blesses our church family.

We have been particularly blessed by Terry Garvin as she has directed our choir at Peace for over 20 years.  As you have likely heard, Dave and Terry will be moving to Salt Lake City, Utah to be closer to their children and grandchildren.  On Sunday, October 28 after church we will be dedicating our Fellowship time to celebrate and give thanks for Dave and Terry.  Come and share your appreciation.

How has the music at Peace blessed you?  I truly did not come into a full appreciation of music in my spiritual journey until I came to Peace.  Prior to the time of our coming to Peace, I had only been a part of one choir (And that was in Junior High!).  It is not unusual to catch me humming and singing the choir songs in my spare time.  All the music at Peace is outstanding.  The special preludes, offertories and postludes truly enhance my worship.  And of course, the hymns and songs are an uplift and give me something to think about.

Each one of us has our preferences when it comes to music.  What one-person thinks is the greatest song they have ever heard, another person thinks is shallow.  What one-person thinks is moving, another person thinks is a dirge.  It is important that each one of us remain humble in regards to our preferences.  Our goal at Peace is to have balance in our music selection and even more importantly, make sure that the music points to our Lord Jesus Christ and His work done for us.

We do honor requests for songs and hymns.  You have likely noticed the wooden box in the narthex of the church.  It is labelled, “Song Selection Box.”  Please share your requests.  Simply write down the song you are desiring and where the lyrics can be found on a piece of paper.  Place the selection into the box.  Colleen and I will take a look and if it is appropriate, we will include in the worship.

One final note about music.  On Sunday, October 14 the Concordia Brass Ensemble from Concordia University Portland will be leading us in worship.  This will be a special treat as we will praise the Lord with some new sounds and we will discover more about this Lutheran University—which is located so close to us with over 5,000 students.

To God be the glory!

Pastor J

Youth Mentor Program

We are in need of mentors to listen each week to our confirmation youth’s memory work.  It won’t take too long, but it does require the mentor’s commitment each week to check in with their youth you by calling them on the phone or meeting them after church.  It is simple, but an important process.  The youth will study their section of the Luther’s Small Catechism and memorize it.  In their meeting with their mentor, they will then recite it.  The mentor will then document the work accomplished and report back to Pastor.  This program will begin in late September and end in early November.

This year’s confirmation class will consist of at least 7 youth.  This means that we will need at least 7 mentors.  If you are interested, please talk to Pastor Lucke.

Peace by the Numbers

Men’s Breakfast

Fall is here, once again time to begin the First Saturday Breakfast for the Peace men.  Mark your calendar for October 6, 2018 and plan to attend. Rob Schulze will lead a discussion on the Mark Twain’s, “The War Prayer”.  Hopefully you have had a chance to read it, quite short. We begin with coffee on at 8:00 AM and a hardy breakfast at 8:30 AM, discussion at 9 – 10 AM. As the official egg counter please let me know whether you can or cannot make it – helps a LOT in the planning for food.  Always looking for those who are willing to help cook, let me know if you can – there are duties for cooking the sausage, bacon, and scrambling the eggs.  Thanks – Oscar Gutbrod 541-231-3954

Calling all Men of Peace!

A message from Ray Hewitt, Elder from Zion Lutheran in Corvallis. He is organizing the First Joint Men’s Breakfast between the Pastors from Immanuel (Deacon Larry Oliver), Peace (Jeremy Lucke), Shepherd of the Valley (Eric Bohlmann) and Zion (Ted Schaefer) for a Men’s Breakfast.  This will be held on October 13th, at Tommy’s Restaurant (downstairs), 350 SW 4th St., Corvallis.  Breakfast begins at 8:00 AM. This is no-host breakfast.  A good time to meet our fellow Christian Brothers. The Pastors will give brief history of themselves and then what is happening in their congregation.  Hopefully many from Peace will come and become better acquainted with our Brothers in Christ on that morning.  Questions call Oscar Gutbrod – 541-231-3954

Bazaar News

Here are some dates to save.

  • CRAFT AND GRANNY ITEMS:start bringing Oct. 29th deadline is Nov.7th.
  • COOKES AND GOODIES: bring Nov. 9th or before nine A.M. on the 10th.

Please label your items so we know for sure where you want them to go.  Kay will be putting out information on the baskets.  The quilt to be raffled will be ready to sell tickets on this week (Sept. 24th). We need a volunteer to take the monies for this, please step forward if you’re interested. The tickets will sell for $2 a piece or 3 for $5.00 dollars.

Many hands make light work, there is plenty of room to sign up to help the day of sale.

Gift Basket Ideas

Would you sponsor a basket?  You get the items for a basket and we’ll put them together.  Here are some ideas to get you started.  Use your imagination!  These are just some ideas, you don’t need to include all items.  A gift card could be included in most any of these as well.

Prayer Warriors needed!



A prayer chain is a way for people to gain assistance in prayer for any serious and pressing problem. It is also a way for any person to act on God’s command to love one another (John 13:34-35). Many people cannot engage directly in ministry, but we can all pray. Many are older or ill themselves but can take the time to help others and to make their time and suffering valuable. Prayer is a way for us to reach out of ourselves, to put aside our loneliness and pain for the sake of another. Jesus teaches us that if we agree on anything and ask in faith it will be granted (Matthew 18:19). “I tell you, ask and you will receive…” (Luke 11:9, Matt. 7:7).

Peggy Krueger, with Pastor Lucke and the Elders’ blessing, is starting an email prayer chain group.  Prayer requests are to be sent to her at [email protected].  Please note that all prayer requests will remain confidential.

The purpose of our prayer chain is to provide spiritual support and healing for our parishioners and their families and friends.  When placing someone on the prayer chain, please obtain their permission when giving full names and circumstances.

Your prayer request will be included in the daily prayers of our members for one month.  You may continue to request prayers for prolonged illness or needs as long as you want. Feel free to send us back a “Prayers Answered” or “Thanksgiving” request upon resolution of the request, if appropriate.

Sending Prayer Request:  Please include this information:

Name of person to pray for:   If you want this to be confidential then submit a generic request, for example: “ Pray for friend who is in the hospital.” 

Relationship:  your relationship to them

Illness/Death/Special intention (which of these are we praying for?)

If you would like to become a PRAYER WARRIOR and part of the Peace Prayer Chain, please send your name and email address to [email protected].

Prayer Shawl Ministry

The prayer shawl is made with love and prayer.  As you wrap it around yourself we pray you will find comfort in it.

The prayer shawl symbolizes the cloak that Jesus wore as he traveled through the country side.

Matthew 14:34-35 tells us “…And when they had crossed over, they came to land at Gennesaret. and when the men of that place recognized him, they sent around to all that region and brought to him all who were sick v. 36 and implored him that they might only touch the fringe of his garment. And as many as touched it were made well.”

Just as the prayer shawl surrounds you, so God surrounds His people.   When putting on the prayer shawl we pray that it separates and shields you from your concerns so that you may be blessed with the knowledge that God loves you and he will not abandon you.

O.K. Chorale

Gordon Tjernlundm, who recently passed away, was a *teacher and choral director for over 50 years. Mary, his wife, wrote: “What a kind, sweet, good loving man.” He spent his days on earth praising his heavenly Father and leading 100’s of others to do the same.

*A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops. – Henry Adams

Gordon started the O.K. Chorale 34 years ago “dedicated to bringing the sunshine of God’s love to others through music.”

We begin the 35th year with a rehearsal on September 10th at Calvin Presbyterian Church, 1736 NW Dixon St, Corvallis, at 10:00 a.m.  We have a full schedule with 6 rehearsals and programs at 12 different venues. (These include Nursing Homes, Assisted Living, and Memory Care facilities.)  Our first programs will be easy sing-alongs.  In November, we will give a couple of patriotic programs, and in December, our Christmas program at 4 venues.  Schedules will be distributed at the first rehearsal on September 10.   (A Spring Program follows from January through May.)

If you are interested, talk to Carole Gutbrod, Bev Hellesto, or Bob Glathar — who sing or have sung with the group over the past several years.  Also, let Ron and Colene know you’re interested so they can prepare a music binder for you.

Ron and Colene Voll – [email protected]


Philomath Youth Activities Club

It’s time for the Philomath Youth Activities Club’s annual Getaway Giveaway Raffle. You can win one of five great trips out of town, including Las Palomas, Mexico! Tickets can be purchased for $10 each, or 3 for $25. All proceeds will directly benefit the youth of Philomath. Winners do not need to be present to win and will choose their prize in the order they are drawn. To purchase tickets, contact Karyn Stanley at 248-884-0912 or [email protected]. Drawing date is October 15, 2018

Youth Christmas Program!!

Sunday School Students:  We need YOU to begin thinking about participating in our annual Christmas program!  Practices are always fun, we sing lots of Christmas carols, we practice our parts, and we always have snacks!  Practices start promptly at 10 a.m. right after our Sunday School opening in the Sanctuary; so don’t be late, and be sure to attend all practices.  We are counting on you to be there each Sunday as others are depending on you saying your lines.  Please let us know if you have to miss a practice.

Also, please be thinking about prelude music–instruments you may want to play or songs you would like to sing.

Our schedule is as follows:

  • Sunday, November 4–First practice and students will receive their parts
  • Sunday, November 11 –Practice
  • Sunday, November 18–Practice
  • Sunday, November 25–Practice
  • Sunday, December 2–Practice & Costumes given to students
  • Sunday, December 9–Dress Rehearsal and Christmas program presented to the congregation.

If you have any questions, please see Colleen or Sally.  We are looking forward to seeing you on November 4!