The Service in PDF format is at: October 24,2021 Roman Guenther Celebration of life


October 25, 1938 – September 25, 2021

We were not able to play the Pre/Post service music by Bryson Scaar at the time of the service but they have been included in the following:

Prelude by Bryson Skaar

Prelude from Service

Welcome and Introduction

Opening Hymn                                                           Amazing Grace

Invocation and Opening Prayer

Scripture Reading                                                                  Psalm 46

Roman’s favorite Hymn                         Battle Hymn of the Republic

Scripture Reading                                                            John 15:1-17

Sharing Roman’s Life in Words          Messages from Kishiva and Ed


Message of Hope                                                            Pastor Lucke

                 Part 1

                 Part 2



Lord’s Prayer


Closing Hymn                                   What a Friend We Have in Jesus


Postlude from Service

Postlude by Bryson Skaar


October 25, 1938 – September 25, 2021

Roman was born October 25, 1938 to Roman and Thelma Guenther in Portland Oregon. He was raised in Portland with sisters Kishiva and Allegra and brother Ed. He met Stella Morgan while attending Cleveland High School in southeast Portland. They spent most of their time together in high school, including being on rally squad together. After graduation, they were married on July 26th 1958 at Trinity Baptist Church in Portland.

Roman attended Portland State University in Mathematics, but was drafted before graduating. He was stationed in Fairfax Virginia when they welcomed the first of 3 sons, Roman Ernest. After discharge, the family moved briefly to Seattle where son Scott was born. Their next home was back in Portland for 5 years, where they welcomed their youngest son David.

In 1971, the family moved to the Corvallis/Philomath area and eventually settled on the Woods Creek Property that became Roman’s haven from the busy world. While working for DigiCorp in Corvallis, Roman sold to, and installed the very first computer at Oregon State University. Shortly thereafter, he began his own computer company, Asset Control, creating security systems for clients such at Wells Fargo and Children’s Hospital. In the early 90’s, Roman began shutting down that company and started to work more and more with his son’s, running the office and bookwork for them for many years.

Roman’s favorite things in life were his family, both blood and family in Christ; being a short order cook for the parade of grand-children constantly around; keeping the freezer full of ice-cream and other goodies for the kids big and small; getting the best deal on chicken, especially cheap chicken on Friday; concrete in the driveway instead of grass or mud and his plastic travel mug full of coffee. He was incredibly generous to family and friends, especially at the holidays, but never missed an opportunity to grumble about them, (the holidays, not family and friends!) He loved to drive and picked up supplies for his son’s company or delivered items to clients and took at least one trip to Corvallis every day whether he needed to or not, usually buying 2 chicken breasts for dinner or another head of lettuce. Roman spent many hours at the little kitchen table chopping items for the salad he and Stella had every evening. Minced romaine, napa cabbage and bok choy created a base for the addition of tiny diced celery, radishes, tomatoes, cucumber, grated carrot, chopped tomato and green onion. That might seem a strange item to include here, but when you have the same dish for 50 plus years, it’s gotta count somewhere!

In later years, Roman battled COPD, congestive heart failure, arthritis and osteoporosis. Life was not comfortable for him and when he was no longer able to drive his discomfort became more than physical. After a very brief time on at-home hospice, Roman passed in his home on Woods Creek road September 25, 2021 just one month shy of his 83rd birthday. He was surrounded by his wife and 3 sons. He is survived by his siblings, his sons, 10 grandchildren, one great-grandchild and many nieces and nephews.

We are thankful that he was able to be home where he wanted to be, thankful that he was able to visit with so many family in the last few months after more than a year of limited contact, but mostly thankful that he is out of pain and rejoicing with his Lord and Savior. We will meet again.

Roman and Family